LED Lighting – Is it worth the switch?

Kitchen with LED Lighting electrician in Congleton

LED lighting has been around for a long time but has only become popular in the domestic market in the last 10 years. There are three key benefits to LED lighting over conventional lighting and these are:-

1. Normally 75% cheaper to run over conventional light bulbs. Also, better for the environment.

2. They last a lot longer, so no need to replace the bulb for years

3. They do not produce anywhere near as much heat and therefore reduce the risk of fire

The cost of LED is lighting is slightly higher than conventional lighting, but the gap is reducing as the demand increases. The range of light fittings with LED technology is vast and varied, due to the flexibility of the LED’s.

You can get light fittings with all different colours and can even change the colour using an app on your phone. I will go in to more detail on this in my next blog.

To have LED lighted installed in your home contact your local electrician in Congleton Cheshire.